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Share Your Debt Defeater Story

Have you recently paid off a major bill like a student loan, credit card or mortgage?  

If so, send your Financial Success story to Make sure to include your full name, city, state, how much debt you paid off, how long it took to get rid of it and a statement telling her how it feels to finally be debt free.

Send in your debt defeater story and join the club!


Share Your Family Financial Challenges

Money and family are often two things that don’t mix. But I’m here to help. If you have some family financial drama going on, perhaps I can offer some advice on how to work through your issues -- or avoid them all together.

Send your  Family Financial Fight stories  to Be sure to include your full name, city and state and put “Family Financial Fights” in the subject line.


Here are some links to some columns in which Michelle helps resolve some family money battle:  

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